Pumps for industrial processes

Ateliers Ehrismann offers liquid handling technologies from leading manufacturers. With the merger of the AxFlow group of companies, the product portfolio was expanded to include the process technology pumps. We offer a variety of pumps for a wide range of applications. Our process technology range extends from the food industry to the chemical and petrochemical industries. Process technology for pumping hygienic media as well as oil and gas requires professional advice.

With decades of experience in the industry, we can advise you on applications in your sector. With perfectly designed equipment, we achieve the best possible efficiency, reliability and safety for your plant. At the same time, our service team supports you during assembly, installation and commissioning.

The right process technology for every application

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Ateliers Ehrismann

Quality since 1923

Contact in Switzerland and Europe

Ateliers Ehrismann has been ensuring the highest manufacturing quality at its site in Switzerland since 1923. Together with our strong partner the AxFlow group of companies, we are represented not only in Switzerland but throughout Europe.

Individualization is our strength

Ateliers Ehrismann has one of the most modern workshops in the field of electrical engineering and metal construction. Customer orders can thus be designed to meet all individual requirements. 

Certified several times

The outstanding manufacturing quality is certified several times. We can manufacture and repair process equipment, for complex and highly sensitive industrial applications. Our quality management continues to constantly optimize the processes in the areas of purchasing, manufacturing and service management in order to remain the first point of contact in Switzerland and Europe in the future.


Frequently asked questions

Peristaltic pumps are particularly suitable for pumping waste water. The wide performance range with a comparatively low maintenance requirement and the possibility of dry-running characterise our peristaltic pumps.

Ateliers Ehrismann naturally also has the possibility of ordering spare parts in the shortest possible time from the leading manufacturers for process technology. In our European central warehouse, we keep complete, ready-to-use pumps and spare parts in stock at all times.

Our service partner will assist you with the assembly, installation and commissioning of the pump on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on our services.