How do AODD pumps work?

Air-operated diaphragm pumps work on the principle of displacement. An air control system coordinates a shaft, each end of which has a flexible diaphragm attached. Compressed air or other gaseous driving media flows into the control system and sets the shaft in controlled motion. This sets the controlled diaphragm in motion, moving the medium from the inlet to the delivery chamber. The control system then gives another impulse to the shaft, displacing the medium from the delivery chamber to the outlet. The diaphragm ensures that the driving medium remains separated from the conveying medium.

Sandpiper HDF & SPB “The Beast”

  • Delivery rate max.: 644-787 l/min
  • Delivery pressure max.: 8.6 bar
  • Material: AlloyC, Stainless Steel and Polypropylene

Sandpiper SPE “EvolutionX”

  • Fördermenge max.: 238,4 l/min
  • Förderdruck max.: 8,6 bar
  • Material: Polypropylen und PVDF

What are the advantages of air-operated diaphragm pumps?

  • Pumping abrasive media with solids
  • Self-priming and dry-running pump technology
  • Efficient air control unit for reduced compressed air consumption
  • ATEX certified for use in explosion-proof areas
  • High durability for long service life

In which applications are air-operated diaphragm pumps used?


Discharge of abrasive media

Industrial processing of water and wastewater, for example in municipal utilities, is an important application area for air-operated diaphragm pumps. This includes the discharge of water and wastewater, which can be loaded with solids such as pulp, as well as the disposal of sludge.


Ideal for chemical and petrochemical applications

Air-operated diaphragm pumps made of plastic are characterised by their high resistance to chemical substances. This feature enables the reliable delivery and dosing of concentrated acids, corrosive chemicals as well as abrasive and corrosive media.


Conveying media with large solids

Air-operated diaphragm pumps are capable of efficiently emptying excavations with highly abrasive clay minerals such as bentonite. They are also able to reliably transport building materials and auxiliary materials, even if they have a high solids content of up to 75 mm.

Product overview and flyer for download

Product overview Sandpiper
Product overview Sandpiper HDF & SPB The Beast
Product overview Sandpiper SPE EvolutionX

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Frequently asked questions

Double diaphragm pumps with flap valves are adapted to abrasive and highly viscous media with particle sizes of up to 75mm for the wastewater industry. The special arrangement and nature of the components prevents pump blockage.

Depending on the application, different housing materials are used. For heavy-duty applications, robust materials such as aluminium, alloy C, stainless steel and grey cast iron are suitable. Corrosion-resistant materials such as polypropylene and PVDF are used for pumping chemical media.

Air-operated diaphragm pumps have the property of being able to run dry. AODD pumps can draw in media from several metres without damaging the components. Especially in irregular operation of the pumping technology, this is a decisive advantage over other pumps.