Dosing pumps

How do dosing pumps work?

Metering pumps belong to the group of oscillating displacement pumps. Inside the pump there is an electrically driven connecting rod which exerts pressure on a flexible diaphragm, thereby sucking the liquid into the pump’s delivery chamber. Due to the eccentric rotary movement of the connecting rod, the medium is conveyed to the pump outlet under high pressure. To prevent backflow into the delivery unit, there are check valves at the inlet and outlet of the pump.

Bran+Luebbe Novados 

  • Max. delivery rate: 15-70 m³/h
  • Max. delivery pressure: 1000 bar
  • Viscosity max.: 10000 cSt
  • Temperature range: -20° to 180° Celsius

Bran+Luebbe Procam

  • Max. delivery rate: 60-3000 l/h
  • Max. delivery pressure: 80 bar
  • Viscosity max.: 500 cSt
  • Temperature range: 0° to 80° Celsius

What are the advantages of dosing pumps?

  • Reliable dosing of chemical, toxic liquids under high pressure levels
  • Certified according to API 675 and ATEX
  • Control options can be automated
  • Hermetically sealed design possible
  • Dry-running safe

In which applications are dosing pumps used?


Dosing of paints and varnishes

Dosing pumps play a crucial role in paper production, especially in the precise dosing of inks, varnishes and reagents. They ensure precise feeding of these substances into the production process.


Precise regulation of the pH value

Dosing pumps are ideal for the precise dosing of aggressive, toxic chemicals and suspensions. An outstanding example is the dosing of caustic soda in small quantities to regulate the pH value in the water treatment process.


Dosing pumps in hygienic processes

Barn+Luebbe’s dosing pumps can convey additives and food supplements in hygienic processes. Their precise dosing ensures efficient and reliable addition of these substances to the manufacturing process.

Product overview and flyer for download

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Frequently asked questions

Bran+Luebbe metering pumps use chemically resistant materials such as PTFE to ensure long-lasting resistance to chemical substances.

Diaphragm dosing pumps: These pumps use a moving diaphragm to dose the liquid at regular intervals.

Double-acting diaphragms have a positive influence on the delivery volume and the delivery pressure, as well as on the precision of the delivery technology.