Internal gear pumps

How do internal gear pumps work?

Due to the way they work, internal gear pumps belong to the group of positive displacement pumps. Two differently sized gear wheels are located inside the pump and are separated from each other by a crescent-shaped sickle. The power is transmitted by the larger gear wheel, which transfers the rotary motion to the smaller one. The rotary motion of both gear wheels creates a vacuum through which the medium flows into the pump chamber and can be conveyed to the outlet in precise doses.

Viking Universal Seal

  • Delivery rate max.: 363 m³/h
  • Delivery pressure max.: 14 bar
  • Viscosity max.: 440000 cSt
  • Material: grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, stainless steel
  • Temperature range: -85° to 430° Celsius

Viking Universal Seal FDA

  • Delivery rate max.: 91 m³/h
  • Delivery pressure max.: 14 bar
  • Viscosity max.: 440000 cSt
  • Material: grey cast iron, cast steel
  • Temperature range: -50° to 107° Celsius

What are the advantages of internal gear pumps?

  • Conveying of highly viscous media almost without pulsation
  • Conveying technology is resistant to high temperatures
  • Simple design reduces maintenance
  • Robust construction for long service life
  • Reversible pumping characteristics

In which applications are internal gear pumps used?


Gear pumps for shear-sensitive media

Due to their properties, gear pumps are ideal for pumping hygienic, shear-sensitive media from food and beverage production processes. For example, cocoa mass as a central component of chocolate can be reliably conveyed without any loss of quality.


Pumping hot media with gear pumps

Highly viscous abrasive media such as bitumen can be pumped with internal gear pumps. Bitumen is used to produce thick coatings, roofing membranes, roof shingles and corrosion protection and must be processed at high temperatures. The pumping technology is heat-resistant up to a maximum of 430°C.


Gear pumps for highly flammable liquids

To improve the processing of process materials such as adhesives, glues and lacquers, internally geared rotary piston pumps can also be integrated. This pumping technology is certified according to ATEX guidelines and can therefore be used safely in potentially explosive production areas.

Product overview and flyer for download

Product overview Viking Universal Seal FDA
Product overview Viking Universal Seal

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Frequently asked questions

Basically, the pump technology is divided into internal and external gear pumps.

Viking gear pumps are capable of safely and efficiently pumping fluids containing solvents. The pumping technology is certified according to ATEX guidelines and can therefore also be integrated in manufacturing processes at risk of explosion.


Many Viking pump models can be designed with a heating or cooling jacket to achieve the desired fluid temperature level.