Frequency inverters for industrial applications

The sharp rise in energy prices requires the efficient regulation of electric motors. Ateliers Ehrismann offers a wide range of frequency converters from leading manufacturers for numerous industrial applications. The process technology offered convinces with cost efficiency, reliability as well as functionality and meets the most modern standards of converter technology.

In our central warehouse, we permanently keep frequency converters for various areas of application in stock. As a service company for metal construction and electrical engineering, we not only take care of the sale, but also the commissioning of the frequency inverters. The process technology is often used in pumps, ventilation systems and other industrial applications in which electric motors are integrated.

Ateliers Ehrismann

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Ateliers Ehrismann has been ensuring the highest manufacturing quality at its site in Switzerland since 1923. Together with our strong partner the AxFlow group of companies, we are represented not only in Switzerland but throughout Europe.

Individualization is our strength

Ateliers Ehrismann has one of the most modern workshops in the field of electrical engineering and metal construction. Customer orders can thus be designed to meet all individual requirements. 

Certified several times

The outstanding manufacturing quality is certified several times. We can manufacture and repair process equipment, for complex and highly sensitive industrial applications. Our quality management continues to constantly optimize the processes in the areas of purchasing, manufacturing and service management in order to remain the first point of contact in Switzerland and Europe in the future.


Frequently asked questions

The inverter technology is connected upstream of electric motors to control the output frequency and the output voltage. With the frequency inverter, you therefore not only have the fixed speed from the AC grid at your disposal.

Basically, frequency inverters can be divided into two types. On the one hand, there are current-controlled frequency inverters in which the ratio of current and frequency is constant. With voltage-controlled frequency inverters, the ratio of current to frequency remains constant.

Frequency converters control the voltage or frequency ratio of the electric motor. The speed can be individually programmed by the technology. Load peaks are detected and automatically throttled.