Electric motors for industrial processes

At Ateliers Ehrismann we offer electric motors from various market leaders such as ABB, EMZ and EMWB. Our motors stand for efficiency and safety. Depending on the process application, differently polarized drives are available, which can be individually controlled by means of frequency converters. In our warehouse in Switzerland, we keep ready-to-use motors as well as spare parts from leading manufacturers permanently in stock.

Ateliers Ehrismann is the first point of contact for repair and service requests for electric motors. Especially the rotor and stator winding as well as the repair of various components are carried out in our specialized workshop.

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Our Service

Electronic drives are a central component of industrial processes. We specialize in individual design and have a large selection of electric motors. Safety and efficiency are our top priorities. Ateliers Ehrismann offers efficient electric motors from leading manufacturers, which can optionally be used in hazardous areas. In addition to sales, we offer comprehensive service and complete repair, including ATEX certification.

Ateliers Ehrismann, Elektromotor, Moteur électrique, Electric motor

Sale of electric motors

Ateliers Ehrismann offers a wide range of high quality electric actuators in many different designs. We keep a large selection of motors permanently in stock.

Electric motor service

We offer a comprehensive range of services for a wide variety of industrial electric motors. Regular maintenance increases the efficiency as well as the lifetime of the drive.

Ateliers Ehrismann, Elektromotor, Moteur électrique, Electric motor
Ateliers Ehrismann, Elektromotor, Moteur électrique, Electric motor

Electric motor repair

We take care of the winding, re-bearing and all mechanical repairs on a wide range of components. Due to our certification we also repair electric motors for ATEX applications.

Electric motor certification

For the use of electric motors in potentially explosive environments, we prepare test and measurement reports

Ateliers Ehrismann, Elektromotor, Moteur électrique, Electric motor, ATEX

Ateliers Ehrismann

Quality since 1923

Contact in Switzerland and Europe

Ateliers Ehrismann has been ensuring the highest manufacturing quality at its site in Switzerland since 1923. Together with our strong partner the AxFlow group of companies, we are represented not only in Switzerland but throughout Europe.

Individualization is our strength

Ateliers Ehrismann has one of the most modern workshops in the field of electrical engineering and metal construction. Customer orders can thus be designed to meet all individual requirements. 

Certified several times

The outstanding manufacturing quality is certified several times. We can manufacture and repair process equipment, for complex and highly sensitive industrial applications. Our quality management continues to constantly optimize the processes in the areas of purchasing, manufacturing and service management in order to remain the first point of contact in Switzerland and Europe in the future.


Frequently asked questions

We keep a large number of different electric motors in stock in our central warehouse. If a motor is not in stock, the order will take approximately one to two weeks. Please contact us for an exact delivery date.

According to the declaration of conformity, Ateliers Ehrismann complies with the ATEX directives even for overhauled or repaired electric motors. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Raw materials are calculated according to daily updated prices. You will receive detailed information about the pricing of raw materials before each order. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.