Ateliers ahrismann - winding

Winding motors

Ateliers Ehrismann specialise in winding electric motors up to 400Kw - 400V - 50Hz.
Low voltage automotive units do not fall within our range of services.

ateliers ehrismann - machining


Ateliers Ehrismann carry out any work in machine welding, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, welding stainless steel tubes.

ateliers ehrismann - mechanical

Mechanical machining

Ateliers Ehrismann can carry out all machining options on parts from a diameter of 10mm to 1,000mm and up to 3,000mm in length.

Service on site

Ateliers Ehrismann can come to you and are equipped to operate on site or to take delivery of parts or pieces for repair.

ateliers ehrismann - locksmithing


Ateliers Ehrismann are ready to answer to your needs in electric drives, production of prototypes, machining specialist parts and locksmithing.

ateliers ehrismann - machining


Ateliers Ehrismann are official distributors of several brands of motor, frequency convertor, reduction gears, pump, hoist, compressor, etc....

ateliers ehrismann - low voltage


Ateliers Ehrismann distribute several well-known brands of electric motor, ventilation motor, frequency convertor, reduction gear, pump, submersible pump, hoist, etc...