Our business

Pursuing excellence since 1923

Since 1923, ateliers Ehrismann have been active in the following areas : winding electric motors, machining mechanical parts, mechanical and electric repairs, locksmithing, sale of electric motors, frequency convertors, hoists, submersible pumps and ventilators.

Effective solutions... Thanks to their extensive practical experience, today ateliers Ehrismann offer a wide range of products and services, but above all a commitment to quality. 

The philosophy of ateliers Ehrismann prioritises customer service. Being available, understanding the needs of users in order to bring flexibility, effectiveness and speed to the application of solutions.

Workshop execution : top quality ! Thanks to meticulous overall management, ateliers Ehrismann provide genuine quality during the course of every project. The way we repair and maintain our specialised equipment is consistent with the maker's technical specifications.

Guidance... reflection... skill... The staff at ateliers Ehrismann are motivated, responsible and skilled, all of which guarantees the perfect execution of the services you require. With practical experience, our technical team is available to assist you and advise you in your choice of equipment or repairs.

Finally, ateliers Ehrismann have a specialist licence for EX motors which are used in places where there is a high risk of explosion, in accordance with ATEX standards.